How to hack someones facebook

What we are going to go over in this post is how to hack someones facebook. Some people may think that this is a very hard task to complete if you know nothing about hacking someones facebook account. But to your surprise, it can be fairly easy. Now to be honest, there are lots of hacking tools out there on the dark web. But most of us dont know how to get the dark web, alone find hacking tools that you feel are safe. Well what I have done for you in this post is just that. I travelled into the dark sides of the dark web to find these tools that do and will work for you. So lets get started, shall we?

Now to be honest, I found lots of tools that claimed they worked, and after going through all the processes, I got nothing. I went out and tested 15 different hacking tools to hack someones facebook. But in truth, I only found one that works. Below is a link to the youtube video that I found. Now there is a bit BS you have to do, to get this to work. But in the end you will get what you came for.

Watch this Youtube Video  – How to hack someones facebook

So as you can see this is pretty easy to do. Your mostly just copying the users profile URL to the tool and then going through the steps. Be aware though, this is the only one that I have found so far on the dark web that really works. The others are just complete garbage that in the end does nothing.

Anyways, I hope you like this post, and I hope it helps some people out there. I know sometimes it may not be the moral thing to do. Hacking someones facebook, but eh when you really got to know whats going on with somebody then this is what you have to do.

Good Luck !





Hack Facebook Password?

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Your probably wondering how to get into your cheating ex’s facebook page. As you know already know that there is a gem of information inside that will tell you the entire truth, right from the beginning. So you might ask yourself, how to hack facebook accounts? Well, I can tell you the truth… one time this was a very difficult process. People all over the internet keep saying that its not possible. But let me tell you my friend it is possible.

First let me tell you a little about myself, and the situation that I was in. I had a very pretty girlfriend. Things were going great for us. Long story short, a couple years went by and things started to change for us. She seemed more distant, wanting to spend more time with her friends and not me. Telling me she has to work late, 3 times a week. Then when I call her work, she had left for hours!

I had no proof! I had suspected something but I just wasn’t sure. You know how it feels when you have that gut rolling feeling that something is up. So I started digging, and let me tell you. My girl was very careful. She covered her tracks very well. So one night were in the living room. And shes giggling and laughing with somebody on facebook. I say “Who are you talking to?” She says “Just one of my friends!” I say who? Then I try to look at her facebook page. She signs out very quickly.

So right then! I knew… I had to learn how to hack facebook password! Given my extensive programming knowledge, I decided to write a script. That could decipher the password if a few simple procedures. It took me almost 3 months of doing this. But I finally succeeded.

So the day as come. I have the software built… and I’m ready to test it. I run it for the first, scared and intrigued at the same time. Low and behold, IT WORKS! Im in, and I can see everything. So to get right to the nifty details. She was cheating on me with some asshole named Brad! The cheating slutbag,started all of this right when I started suspecting. So if you suspect anything, then try my software for free. Im doing this just to help people out.

Theres no download required and its very quick easy with the video tutorial. Anyways folks, if you think something is up and you just want to snoop and around and ease your mind. Then check it out.

Conclusion to the story! If you have a bad feeling that something is about to happen, and you are really not sure. Then you can find out! And you can ease your mind. Also, you can always go with your gut feeling. The gut never lies. Anyways, I have already blabbed enough for today. If you want to learn how to hack facebook password, then try out my site. Just dont share it to much, as I dont want it to be taken down my facebook.

Cheers and up yours BRAD!


How to eat a girl out – 3 Rules to Follow


Welcome to my blog, and I hope that enjoy this little thread. So your wondering how to eat a girl out? Well its been a question among men all of our lives. But to let you know, there are some nice facts that can help you, both scientific and common sense. But everyone has there own means of doing things like this. But let just get down to the basics, and not go into to much debt.

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3 Rules to follow when eating a girl out

1. Always treat the vagina with respect!

Please guys you all know this, but heres a little detail into what not to do. So when your lady is all hot, and you are setting the mood right. You start licking her nipples and making your way down towards the vagina. Well when eating the vagina, you should never go to hard on her. What I mean by this, is never bite parts of the vagina with your teeth. It wont turn her on any, and it might just get you kicked in the teeth. Always try to do long licking strokes, and try teasing the vagina gently around the outer parts. For example, start kissing her inner thighs, outer vaginal area, etc.

2. Always do a slow tease!

Trying to speed the whole process of getting your face down in her pussy might just get you banned. Women usually like things to flow slow & smooth. Now I can’t speak for every woman out there. Some may just rip your f***ng cloths off in second. But there the oddities! But hey we can’t cover everything here on how to eat a girl out! When your making your way down to the vaginal area, try to take it slow, and tease her. You can tease her in many ways. For example: Your kissing her neck and you start making your way down to her breast. Well what to do from here? When licking here nipples, try kissing on the outside of the breast and do circles around the nipples. Slowly making your way to the nipple. When doing circles around the nipples with your tongue, do a couple quick licks of the nipples, and the slightly blow on them. This will make her nipps stick off a mile, and will drive her crazy. She will be wondering how you learnt how to eat pussy like that.



3. Combo moves folks!

Once you get down under and your working your magic. You got to remember to mix things up a little. Most women get bored when you keep doing the same movements over & over. So you have to mix things up. Try licking the inner vagina with long tongue strokes, and flick the clitoris with your tongue a few times when you reach the top. Also you can open the vagina up and insert your fingers with your tongue. This can drive her super crazy, and she may even start finishing in your mouth. But nothing wrong with that! Its all part of the game. Eating a girl out can be sometimes very hard. Some women love getting there pussy eatin rough, while others like you to play gently with it. So dont be afraid to try new things, and mix things up a little. If you bomb out once or twice, don’t worry about. Practice makes perfect!